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Che Lagarto Copacabana
Brazil > Rio De Janeiro > Che Lagarto Copacabana

 Hostel Address: Anita Garibaldi 87
 Hostel Phone Number: (5521) 2256 - 2776
 Price:  From 12 USD 

Che Lagarto Copacabana Description and Map

Welcome to Che Lagarto Hostels, South America’s first private hostel chain. If you are looking for economical accommodation in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay without relinquishing high-quality service and amenities, our Hostels are your best option.

We are the only company that can guarantee top-quality service and excellent location at the most convenient price. Come stay at our hostels. We will do our best to provide you with the friendliest atmosphere at the lowest possible price, turning your stay at Che Lagarto Hostels into one of the highlights of your trip round South America

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