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Princes Street East Backpackers Hostel
Scotland > Edinburgh > Princes Street East Backpackers Hostel

 Hostel Address: 5 West Register Street
 Hostel Phone Number: +44-(0)131-556-6894
 Price:  From 10 GBP 

Princes Street East Backpackers Hostel Description and Map

Princes Street East caters mainly for independent, international backpackers between the ages of eighteen and thirty. Bear in mind, however, that this is only the core group; any traveller (over 18) with a valid international passport and a desire to have a good time is welcome here!

When we say independent, we mean it! You'll find NO lockouts or silly curfew rules here! The staff are always doing their best to provide our guests with a friendly, easy-going and creative atmosphere. And you'll often find one or more of our residents jamming away on their guitar in the Cave, or collecting others to join them in a night out on the town!

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