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Pousada Favelinha
Brazil > Rio De Janeiro > Pousada Favelinha

 Hostel Address: Andreia da Silva Martins / Holger Zimmermann, Rua Almirante Alexandrino 2023
 Hostel Phone Number:
 Price:  From 12.63 Euros 

Pousada Favelinha Description and Map

In a very central part of the city (Laranjeiras/Santa Teresa), inside Rio´s most beautiful and tranquil favela, the unique Hostel "Favelinha" welcomes travelers from around the world. It gives backpackers and other interested tourists the opportunity to discover what life is like for a great majority of Rio´s inhabitants. It is the first hostel of this kind in Brazil! You will be amazed at how friendly you will be welcomed by the people in the favela and you will not believe your eyes when you step out on your balcony and start to overlook the bay of Guanabara, the sugar loaf and some of Rio´s famous beaches like Botafogo and Flamengo.

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