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Overnativa Green Hostel
Brazil > Rio De Janeiro > Overnativa Green Hostel

 Hostel Address: Rua Bento Lisboa, 83A, Catete
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Overnativa Green Hostel Description and Map

The Catete is a neighborhood of the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, with strong trade in street. The district has been established for the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil, that was located in, what is today the Republic Museum. Because of ancient occupation, dating from the colonial period, the Catete has many historical and architecturally important buildings. The gardens of the Palace of Cateter are extremely nice to see, and offer the people of the district, an area of recreation for the children with safety. The Parque do Flamengo is also located around the district of Catete, and how is almost impossible to limit the boundaries of this neighborhood park, for all purposes, is also part of the Catete, in your more extensive area. The neighborhood has been one of the noblest of the city before the transfer of capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília. Are located in the neighborhood many foreign and Brazilian banks, change/exchange stores, a popular and diverse trade, and many super-markets.

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